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Upcoming Bottoming Classes by Evie Vane

For 2018. Some of these are specific to rope bottoming, and some are for general kink bottoming.

May 12, Houston, TX
Feel Even Better in Bondage: Stretching, Breathing, Pain Processing
Learn how to prepare your body for a bondage scene and how to get more out of it once you’re in it. We’ll cover 1. A simple pre-scene stretching sequence that you can do standing (no rolling around on dirty dungeon floors unless you want to!); 2. How to breathe into different parts of your body, and how to use the breath to calm and center yourself in a challenging tie; 3. Techniques to help you process pain so you can go deeper into the tie. This class is about 50% lecture and 50% class participation. Appropriate for all skill levels, and a partner is not required. Please wear comfortable clothing you can stretch in.

May 12, Houston, TX

Empowered Rope Bottoming: Owning Your Scenes for Fun and Safety
Learn the skills that will help you avoid common injuries and feel more connected and fulfilled in your rope bottoming, including mindfulness, preparation, connection, and communicating with your rope top. You’ll also gain insight into the art of surrendering to your partner and the experience without relinquishing your rights and desires. This class is about 60% lecture and 40% class participation and is appropriate for all skill levels. A partner is not required.

June 7, San Francisco CA

Empowered Rope Bottoming: Owning Your Scenes for Fun and Safety
See description above.

June 14, San Francisco CA

How to Vet a Top, a Workshop
Wondering how to tell if potential topping partners are safety-conscious, skilled, and can give you the experience you're looking for as a bottom? Come find out! We'll discuss how to evaluate a top for safety, technical skill, style fit, and more- no matter what kind of BDSM play you're into. This class is appropriate for all levels.

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