You’ll learn:
• Types of rope scenes
• How to find and evaluate a partner
• How to avoid injury
• Physical and mental prep
• The 7 Helpful Skills of Rope Bottoming

• Pain processing methods
• Tips for rope suspensions ... and more!


​Award-winning author Evie Vane shares her tips for getting the most out of your

rope bondage play. This must-read guide

for rope bondage, shibari, and kinbaku lovers of all skill levels also includes real-life stories, photos, and resources.


Whether you’re new to rope bondage or an advanced rope bunny, this book will help you do it better. 

(List price: $7.99)

Evie Vane is a performer, a rope bondage model, and an educator who has worked with some of the top rope bondage artists worldwide. In addition to teaching and writing about bondage bottoming,

Evie co-hosts rope bondage events in San Francisco.

(List price: $12.99)

Curious about rope bondage? Love being tied up?