The first book ever for those
who love being in rope

Topics include safety, meeting partners, communication, and preparing for rope play

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Top left: bondage and photo by -Mr-D-. Top right: bondage and photo by The Silence. Bottom: bondage by MrKiltYou; photo by Michael Sundin Photo.

Cover design for both books by David Delp. All photos are of the author and depict entirely consensual scenes.

In these two fantastic resources, you'll learn about how to get into rope play or make your rope scenes even better. Plus, Better Bondage for Every Body includes a wealth of full-color photos of all kinds of people in all kinds of rope bondage!

Glorious full-color photos and tips celebrating rope lovers of all kinds

Topics include stretching, pain processing, relationships...and even neuroscience!‚Äč Plus: Special sections for rope bottoms who are 40+, male, curvy, gender-nonconforming, or have special physical issues

The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up (Including Suspensions)

Curious about being tied up? Already doing rope play?