Photo and bondage by The_Silence

Free Bondage How-Tos, Evie Vane channel
Free instructional videos on getting tied up for fun. Part 1 in the series "How to Get Tied Up" is "Finding a Rope Partner." Part 2 is "How to Evaluate a Rope Top." Part 3 is "Preparing to Be Tied." Part 4 is "Tips for Rope Suspensions."
Clover shares a wealth of knowledge and her personal experiences of rope bottoming through articles, interviews, and blog posts, plus there are gorgeous photos. She also offers a free downloadable 9-page PDF called "A Guide for Rope Bottoms and Bondage Models."

Focusing on risk awareness and aimed at tops and bottoms, this site was created by Stefanos and Shay, both well-known and longtime BDSM educators in the San Francisco Bay Area. Shay is also a registered nurse. A must-visit site for rope bottoms (and tops) of all skill levels.


Has an article by Bendyogagirl called "Yin Yoga for Bondage" as well as the same downloadable PDF as on Clover’s site. was created by WykD Dave, who, as I write this, is partnered with Clover. The educational offerings are aimed mostly at rope tops, but they’re valuable for bottoms too.
Groups: Rope Bottom's Roundtable, Ask a rope bunny, Riggers and Rope Sluts, Rope Incident Reports, Rope Bondage

Kink University

Not free, but has lots of rope bondage video tutorials and much more. Check out "Bombproof Bottoming: Suspension from Sub's Side," with Tifereth and Cannon.

For more great resources, check out Better Bondage for Every Body and The Little Guide to Getting Tied Up.