"The first book dedicated to the main side of the rope: the alleged bottom."

—Shibari Circus

"So many people will benefit from this book! Let's hear it for smarter, hotter play for all!" —Midori, Rope Dojo founder and author of The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage

​"Even if you never bottom to rope, there's lots of info here to help coach bottoms you work with in order to help them have a better experience for themselves."

—Christian, via Amazon.com

"This book was fantastic. A must read for those who are rope bottoms." —Salima, via Goodreads.com

"The number-one piece of required reading for anyone who plans to have rope on their body. It contains all the essential information that every rope bottom should have when they're starting out." —Topologist, rope bondage instructor

"Offers a fantastic mix of ​risk awareness education, empowerment, and personal anecdotes."

Shay Tiziano, bondage educator/performer

"A gorgeous book and amazing resource for bondage folks!"

Shay Tiziano, bondage educator/performer

"Some of the best information out there for not only rope bottoms but tops as well."

—Russ W., via Amazon

"I am insanely impressed with the amount of info in this book." —Nicky, via Amazon

On Better Bondage for Every Body : 

"This is the book I'll be gifting all my rope friends for years to come."

Graydancer, founder of Consent Rocks, Inc.

"A heroic piece of work. Bravo!"

—Jay Wiseman, author of Jay Wiseman's Erotic Bondage Handbook

"If you only buy one book this year, this should be it!" —Joy, via Amazon

"This is, without a doubt, one of the most useful books on modern rope bondage to date."

—Chelsea Hackman, via Amazon

"An amazing piece of work with beautiful pictures, a beautiful sense of community and tons of hot bondage!" —Amazon Customer

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• Rope Connections


See in-depth reviews at:

• Rope Connections

• Rose Quartz Dreaming

​"THIS BOOK IS AWESOME...has probably the best introductions for ropework." —Kuang, via Goodreads.com

"Chock-full of super-useful information and so personable and enjoyable to read." —Bondage Erotique

"Written from a rich trove of personal experience...Ms. Vane provides the reader with many valuable tips, warnings, and most importantly, ways to make your rope scenes be a success." —Sir Charles, in Growing Pains

"An excellent read and a great guide." —Mary Karver, kink-aware therapist and bondage model